Director: Christina Schweitzer
Phone: (716) 883-9800 x412

Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

The Employment Services Program began as a response to the Welfare-to-Work Initiative, which provided low-income individuals with on-the-job work experience that best suited their needs. Today, the program consists of three components, including Workfare, Job Readiness Training and GED classes. With supportive services, case management, job readiness training and job development, each individual is afforded the opportunity of working closely with our staff to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our welfare-to-work program is built through referrals from the Erie County Department of Social Services. Clients are referred to the Employment Services Program to complete mandated volunteer hours as required by the county. During their time with us, individuals receive on-the-job training (housekeeping, packaging food, landscaping, food service, etc.), as well as case management, life skills training, employment counseling and employment search.

Job Readiness Training
During the course of this intense interactive and educational process, the behavioral and attitudinal barriers that impede successful and long-term employment are addressed to each individual. Clients are continually challenged, educated and encouraged by our staff. Upon completion of this class, individuals work with our job developer, utilizing their new skills and attitudes to find gainful employment.

Another component of the Employment Services Program is GED classes through Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Program. Our clients are given the opportunity to complete their educational goals (GED & Computer classes) and achieve their employment dreams.

SOEL (Success through Opportunity, Education & Leadership)
SOEL is a long-term mentoring program of The Salvation Army Employment Services that matches successful leaders with program protégés actively pursuing employment, training, and education.

Through a time commitment of 3- 4 hours per month mentors help protégés in accessing professional and educational resources, assist with the development of networks, and act as sounding boards and role models. 

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