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Buffalo, New York (September 3, 2014)  A newly formed group, The Western New York Coalition for Donated Goods  or WNYCDG, is inspired by the community’s response last week to the launch event at Niagara Square and the used goods drive at the Walden Galleria.  More than 2 tons; 4,510 pounds of clothing, textiles and goods were donated to charities and spared from filling dumpsters and landfills.  The latest research shows that the average person throws away more than 70 pounds of clothing and textiles each year.

The WNY Coalition of Donated Goods is a consortium of nonprofit organizations: Goodwill Industries of WNY, The Salvation Army of Buffalo, Buffalo City Mission, AMVETS and Hearts for the Homeless of WNY, sponsored and supported by the City of Buffalo, and Erie County.  The clothing and goods collected during last week’s campaign have been divided among the WNYCDG members.  Each group uses the donated good to re-sell, recycle, repurpose them and the proceeds fund the operation of various programs and services that feed, clothe, shelter, educate and employ individuals that are in desperate need of a hand up.

This group has come together to educate the public on the benefits of donating goods instead of throwing them in the garbage.  Another objective of the group is to make donating as easy as possible for the residents of Buffalo and Erie County.  There are many donation locations all over the City and throughout the County.  To find a most convenient collection site visit the WNYCDG page at

The WNY Coalition of Donate Goods wants to make the public aware that even stained, torn or out of style clothing can be recycled into other products such as rags, insulation or padding.  Stuffed toys can become car seat stuffing for the auto industry.  Denim is shredded for home insulation, sweaters and coats have become carpet padding, and textiles have been used for sleeping bag insulation and animal beds stuffing.

Recycling also creates jobs.  US Department of Labor has discovered that for every job created at landfills to handle trash, recycling creates 6 jobs.

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The Western New York Coalition for Donated Goods or WNY CDG is a consortium of nonprofit organizations.  The mission is to educate the community on the environmental and economic benefits of recycling and donating goods and to provide easy access to donation opportunities.