Giving Support to Those in the Community,
One Meal at a Time

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been meeting the needs to those who are struggling in the Buffalo Community. As the pandemic continues, food insecurity in our community continues to grow. Food pantries are seeing an increase in demand – some Salvation Army pantries are handing out 4x the normal amount of food. 

In the last 6 weeks alone, Buffalo Salvation Army has given out 62,000 meals in the community

From feeding the healthcare workers testing for COVID-19, to providing breakfast to homeless individuals staying at the CODE 19 shelter, we are so thankful to our community partners and volunteers for helping us Do The Most Good for the Buffalo Community. 

One of those healthcare workers was a nurse volunteering from Virginia and had committed to a 9 day “tour” as a test administer. The weather had been horrible – on around the 4th day of her stint, she shared that she was so exhausted, so stressed, and so cold that she wasn’t sure she would be able to fulfill her volunteer commitment, but our warm meals and constant coffee kept her going and made it bearable.

 Major Annette Lock, Director of Erie County Operations


This blog is sponsored by the William Mattar Car Accident Lawyers – thank you for helping us Fill The Gap that the COVID-19 Pandemic created in our community!