Every year on the first Friday in June, The Salvation Army celebrates National Donut Day

In 1917, The Salvation Army began a mission to provide spiritual and emotional support for the U.S. Soldiers who were fighting in France during World War 1. So about 250 volunteers (also known as the Donut Lassies) traveled overseas to provide clothes, supplies, and, of course, baked goods to those serving on the front lines. The Donut Lassies delivered around 9,000 donuts DAILY to the soldiers serving on the front lines. These tasty treats boosted morale and won the hearts of many soldiers. 

National Donut Day serves as a reminder of the comfort that The Salvation Army provided to troops during World War 1.

The first National Donut Day was celebrated in Chicago in 1938 to honor the Donut Lassies. On this special day, The Salvation Army of Buffalo reaches out to our supporters to show our gratitude for their support. With their help, we continue providing the 15 programs and services we offer to those who are struggling in our community. 

So, enjoy a special treat today and help us honor the Donut Lassies who were Doing The Most Good for our troops!

Did you know you can make donuts at home?