Throughout history, The Salvation Army has continued to provide support to those in need and continue to serve by meeting the changing needs of our communities. In 1917, The Salvation Army began a mission to provide spiritual and emotional support for U.S. soldiers fighting in France during World War I. About 250 volunteers traveled overseas and set up small huts near the front lines where they could give soldiers clothing, supplies and of course, baked goods.


This support continued and The Salvation Army was able to provide necessities and even Christmas Gifts to soldiers during the Vietnam War:

My tour in Vietnam in 1968 was truly blessed by The Salvation Army. Being in the 25th infantry and always in a forward position, nobody would ever run the risk of going to where we were. The only visitors to our front line were Billy Graham, and somehow three ladies from The Salvation Army. I recall they were all in black bonnets and long black dresses. The temperature in the tropics had to be between 110-115 degrees. It was Christmas time, and they brought us Christmas gifts. Nothing special, gum, toothpaste & soap; miscellaneous simple things, but things we didn’t have at the time. I WILL NEVER FORGET that. It meant so much to me, and all the soldiers.” – John, Vietnam War Veteran


Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, over 47,000 individuals have looked to The Salvation Army Buffalo Area Services and found the support they needed. If you and your family need food, clothing, and/or basic necessities, please call 716-883-9800 for assistance.


Thank you to our generous donors and supporters for your continued support of our mission.